Hiring a realtor means putting the house on the open market. There are several problems with putting a hoarder house on the open market. Most people like to look at interior photos in order to have an idea of what kind of purchase they are making. Given the fact that hoarder houses are not picturesque sites, getting good clean photos may prove impossible. 

To sell a hoarder house, a lot of time is necessary to get the house in order. Prospective buyers may be turned off by as they are not used to living or even seeing the property in this condition. You may want to consider only showing the property to investors or others that understand the condition and are willing to buy as-is. Real estate investors charge no real estate commissions Contact us

Due to the numerous problems involved in selling a hoarder house, it can sometimes be effective to hire a realtor to manage the home sale selling business. Real estate agencies like to team up with professional organizers to help organize the home before putting the house up for sale. Although realtors will charge a hefty commission, they are motivated to present the house well so they are earning more on the sale. www.rbpropertysolutions.com