The Difference Between A Realtor And An Investor

How to Sell a Mobile Home Without a Tucson Real Estate Agent

Realtor and Investor:

Which real estate agent should you choose to help you sell your house?

Real estate investors and Real Estate agents claim that they are the best ways to sell your house. What is the difference? Which is best for you?

Let’s discuss the differences between a realtor and an investor to help you decide the best home-selling strategy.

What is a Realtor?

You can hire a realtor to help you sell your house. They will help you find the right buyer for your home, preferably at a high price.

This is done by creating and implementing a marketing plan to attract buyers to your house. They can also give you tips on how to make your home stand out. They can also help you find other professionals such as photographers and stagers.

They will handle all negotiations during the closing process once they have found a buyer.

What is a Real Estate Investor?

A real estate investor is quite different. They will find you a buyer, instead of searching the streets for buyers. The hard part of selling your home is done when you turn to an investor.

It doesn’t take nerve-wracking to wait for the right buyer. You just need to strike the best deal possible with the investor.

Selling your house to investors allows you to make your home a property owner and reap all the benefits without the stress.

There is a difference between a Realtor and an Investor

These real estate professionals are very different. Let’s look at the differences between a realtor and an investor to understand how you can best use them.

How they are licensed

A real estate agent should be someone who can help others buy and sell real estate. These professionals must be knowledgeable about the subject matter when money is at stake. Real estate agents must be licensed to practice.

A license is not required if you are representing another person in a real estate transaction. A license is not required for real estate investors, who are the buyers.

A license may seem like a good thing. They had to pass an exam to obtain their license. But, their sales experience is not reflected in the paperwork.

Investors deal with their own money. Investors have a lot of stake in the game and are motivated to do their best.

It’s a sure bet that they won’t succeed if they don’t do well. To get an idea of their experience, look through their past projects and talk to clients.

How They Make Money

Another important difference is the way they make money. This is crucial for you.

A commission of 6% is the typical commission that real estate agents receive on the sale. The seller must usually pay the entire commission. If you are selling a house worth $300,000., you will need to pay $18,000 in agent commission.

Different ways investors make money/cash are available to them. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Reselling and fixing up the property
  • As a landlord, manage the property.
  • As a seller/lender, I can sell and finance the property.
  • Bundling it together with other properties for bulk sales

Investors have many options for turning a profit on the property. They don’t have to make a profit on the property only.

Who pays the Closing Costs and Fees?

The closing costs of a traditional real property transaction are divided between the buyer and seller. A large portion of these costs is paid by the seller.

Some of the closing costs can be eliminated by selling your house to investors. That 6% realtor commission is one example. Moreover, investors usually cover all the remaining closing costs. This is how much cash you will walk away with when you accept an offer.

How the Home-Selling Process Works

The way you choose to sell is also very different. Let’s take an overview of what you can expect.

Selling Your House With A Real Estate Agent

Traditional selling your house requires a lot of work and can be very expensive. Between marketing materials, repairs, commission, etc. It costs about 10% to sell a home. You’ll need to spend a lot more if the home requires major repairs.The inconvenience is not only expensive. Your home must be ready for potential buyers.

There is usually a lot of back-and-forths once you have found a buyer. Although the real estate agent will manage the negotiations, you’ll almost always need to make concessions. You will also need to open your home to inspectors and appraisers several times.

This entire process can take several months. Closing can take up to 30 days. Most of that time is spent trying and please the lender. It is common for deals to fall through and you must start over.

Selling Your House To A Real Estate Investor

There is one walkthrough when you sell your home to a real estate investor. You can arrange for the investor to visit your home at a time that suits you. The investor is an expert in understanding the home’s value and you won’t have to clean it up.

Many investors buy houses as-is to make cash. One strategy for investing is to purchase fixer-uppers and then sell them at a profit. If you don’t have enough time or money to fix your house, selling it to an investor can be a great option.

The whole process is quick. Unlike traditional lenders, investors pay cash for houses. Investors simply take a look at the property and make an offer in cash.

Once you accept the offer, it takes only a few days to complete the paperwork. You can often sell your home in as little time as 7 days.

Selling To A Real Estate Investor

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