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How to Sell an Investment Property Without a Tucson Real Estate Agent

If you need to sell your house fast, any of these options can help speed up the process.

Even in the market, where “for sale” signs don’t last very long, you could want to make sure that your home will be sold quickly. There are a variety of strategies that you can use to get your house sold quickly but one that is right for you could depend less on the exact date and more on what you value as well as speed. Here are four strategies to speed up the selling process.


The “We Buy Home in Tucson” will be an organization that buys your house directly and offer you cash. This “i” isn’t just to make it sound like an Apple product; it is a symbol in the word “instant.” For most iBuyers,  simply fill in on the internet, submit images of your house, and get an offer in a matter of days. A major caveat is that webuyhomeintucson does not operate throughout the country and only offers certain types of houses. When you type in your address in the form, an iBuyer website will instantly inform you if your property is qualified for.

“We Buy Home in Tucson” lets you choose your closing date.  This can be beneficial if you’re simultaneously selling and buying, and lets you go to speed. With no mortgage, it is possible to close a Webuyhomeintucson in as few as 7-10 days.The minimum time for closing is dependent on the Webuyhomeintucson your choice, your location, and the details of your property sale. There is also the requirement to pay a service charge to the iBuyer that typically can range from 5% to 12 percent of the price of the offer. Any repair costs that the Webuyhomeintucson needs to make are also deducted from the final amount you get.

The drawback of selling your home to one of the online buyers? As you’re receiving only the price of Webuyhomeintucson’s offer, it’s impossible to know the amount you would have received for your house on the market. If moving as fast as you can then you might be willing to sacrifice potential higher profit margins in exchange for the certainty of a time frame.

Find a Top-Notch Listing Agent

Do you want to close quickly, and also want to make the most profit from the sale of your home? A top-of-the-line selling agent could be the best option. They’ll assist in accurately pricing your house, take stunning scrolling photos, create an impressive description for your listing, and serve as your advocate when you’re ready to examine the offers and bargain.

A real estate seller’s agent can cost you a significant amount, considering that the commissions paid by real estate agents can differ. It is typical to pay six percent of your amount of the home’s value in commissions. This is split between the buyer’s representative and the listing agent. But a seasoned agent could cost more (say an 8.8% commission with the buyer’s agent getting three percent, while the agent who is listing a whopping percent). This is something you should inquire about when interviewing prospective listing agents.

Go the FSBO route

Selling your house without an agent listing your property often referred to by the term f which stands for sale-by-owner could aid in a quicker sale. While selling to a relative or friend is a reason FSBO homes can sell quickly, the data for 2020 provided by the National Association of Realtors shows that FSBO homes had a median of time being on the market was only one week, while it was three weeks for sales with an agent. (For FSBO sales where the seller was aware of the buyer, there was no median period.)

What’s the downside to selling your home without an agent? If you don’t have a buyer in mind then you’ll need to find one. Spreading the word through your contacts could lead to an eager buyer, but they could be looking for the “friends and family” price instead of the market value. The tasks as a listing agent such as marketing (whether it’s a yard ad as well as an online listing) as well as buyer walk-throughs, and negotiations.

While FSBO homes were less active for sale in the year 2020, NAR data shows they also sold at lower rates. The median cost for homes sold by agents was $295,000 for 2020 however, the median of FSBO houses was $117,900. Although this could be partly due to differences in properties and types of homes sold -and FSBO homes tend to include manufactured homes, and were more likely to be located in remote areas, the $77,000 gap is worthy of an additional thought.

Choose a Cash Buyer

If you’re working with a realtor or are selling the home by yourself choosing to sell your home through an offer from a buyer who makes an offer of cash-only offer will also speed up your closing. The buyer is simply in possession of the cash, and there’s no need to think about whether the financing they’ve secured will fail and how long the mortgage approval is going to take.

The month of April in 2021 was the period to finish a mortgage was 49 days, as per data provided by ICE Mortgage Technology. Certain steps in closing like that of a title search must continue to occur. However, taking financing from buyers off the table will significantly reduce the time required to conclude a home purchase. If you have a cash offer on the bank it is possible to close as quickly as 2 weeks.

However, those who purchase cash who aren’t iBuyers (in terms of regular people) may be a bit pushy. If they think that cash is the best They may also attempt to bargain with you. However, if selling your home fast is your goal you may be willing to put some cash to the ease of a mortgage-free sale.

More Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Whatever you decide to sell your house to or how you will ultimately sell your home, when you sell your home, you must take fundamental steps to enable you to get started

  •  Do a deep cleaning. It doesn’t require a professional for staging your home A thorough clean-up and some smart cleaning can be a huge help. The removal of personal items helps buyers to see the house as theirs and may aid in avoiding discrimination. Reducing the amount of clutter (even keeping a piece of furniture, or even two pieces in a neighbor’s garage) can make a smaller house appear larger.  
  •  Improve the appearance of your exterior. Today, curb appeal refers to having a facade that can attract buyers to click your property, not only how it looks at a distance. (And since a majority of listings on the internet include an exterior photo they may be similar.) Cleaning your siding with pressure trimming and weeding unwanted landscaping, or improving the appearance of your decor could all have a positive effect. If you’re selling your product to an iBuyer, making small repairs could help cut down the amount they charge you from their assessment.  

 Create demand. A “coming soon” period, when your property is listed in the Multiple Listing Service but isn’t yet marketed to potential buyers, can assist you in attracting offers more quickly when your property is officially put on the market. It’s not the same as a “coming soon” period. Pocket listing  This is the time when a house is offered being offered for sale but is not listed on the MLS. This “coming soon” period generally will last no longer than 30 days and once it’s over buyers will likely be looking to view your home in person and to make an offer.


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